Selling your Services using the World Wide Web

You know when you get to our age you have the 'gift' of looking back, sometimes it's called glorious hindsight but that tends to be reserved for individuals. However, in parallel, our society has gone through a process of profound change since we were young.

We have lived through the manual work age, the service age, the digital age and are now deep in the social age all ably assisted by technology developments.

When I was a young marketing man in the late 70's and 80's we still relied heavily on 'broadcasting' to get our brand or service messages out to our target market. This was either through press, radio of TV. All were expensive and although we knew that much of the cost was wasted, it was still the best way to get to your final users. We did not really know how effective, in percentage terms, that spend was but rather related it to our overall sales, which may be through complex distribution systems which made it even more difficult to measure. The other aspect was the cost of creating an advert and all the support that was required to make one, no matter what the media.

Selling your Services using the World Wide Web

How effective is marketing and message support has changed remarkably as the 'ages' have progressed. We are very firmly in the land of 'narrowcast' to get our messages or service to our target market of users. With a simple computer and a little knowledge we can create a business and, with some support from experienced technocrats, we can reach out and find new potential customers.

True, there are specialist services that can help, for a cost, but you really can build a successful small business relatively quickly, at a fraction of the cost to launch any other products.

Having been in the 'food manufacturing' industry most of my working life setting up companies from scratch and employing hundreds of people I know, full well, the costs of setting up something, never mind the cost of supporting it, as described earlier. We are talking millions of pounds of investment to achieve these but you can make a success with a relatively small % of the total customers available. Phileas Fogg was great success on achieving just 8% of the potential adult users in the U.K but cost ÂŁm's to set up and TV support over the years.

In today's world you have the opportunity to 'build traffic' to your 'advert' (now the website) through 'narrowcast' targeting on social media and 'digital front desk agencies' like, all this through a laptop computer or mobile device. It really is amazing, but if you can convert between 2-3% of your traffic it works at a fraction of the cost - however, it does not create many jobs. Our economy needs both types of operation (and a few others) to help build a successful nation.

We hope you enjoy this little insight into the magical world of marketing on the World Wide web.

Be Happy and Enjoy Life.

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