Magna Carta Offer

Keith & Pauline at The Old Post Office, Lanchester wish to support the Magna Carta Trust for the 800th anniversary season of display in the historic Durham Cathedral.

The Magna Carta Season starts at Durham Catherdral from June 29th until August 30th. During that time we are offering 2 people for the price of 1 per night (minimum 3 nights stay) subject to availability quoting 'Magna 15 A'.

The Offer: Two people stay at £70 per night including Breakfast for 3 nights - Saving £45 (20%+)

Most people know the 'Headlines' that the Magna Carta was signed in June 1215 at Runnymede, near Winsor. The key signatures were King John and the Barons of England.

What they did not know was that this was the possibly the first example of the 'law of unintended consequences' that we are familiar with in the language of today.

The background was not glorious, illustrious or ground breaking. It was not intended to be the platform for democracy; frankly it was a slightly squalid deal, between a bunch of robber barons and an even greedier King. What was created, but unintended, was the greatest history of freedom in the history of the world, which underpinned the greatest liberties in the history of the world. Not just ours, but America's, all of the Commonwealth and much of the rest of the world who copied what was done from that start.

Winston Churchill described the Magna Carta as "the foundation of principles and systems of government of which neither King John nor his nobles ever dreamed".

It may have been an inauspicious start but what a great platform and here it is, on display in a building that is over 900 years old. If you love history come along and why not indulge your historic passion and include the brilliant Industrial Beamish Museum, which is literally on our doorstep. The Old Post Office can be your central point at just 7 miles away from Durham and 4 miles from Beamish.

Visit the 800 year old Magna Carter event along with a Museum that covers over 200 year old Industrial age whilst staying in a home that was first built in 1788 but maintains the heritage of Great British produce.

Keith & Pauline

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