Lanchester Village

Local Restaurants

The Old Post Office Bed & Breakfast is located in the small, thriving country village of Lanchester that has a history going back to 140 AD, with the ruins of a Roman fort called Longivicium from which the village got its name. The River Browney runs through the village, linking with the River Wear a mile towards Durham making the site ideal for a settlement in times gone by.

Lanchester lies in the Vale of Durham with easy access to many visitor attractions as well as having a range of restaurants and access to designated walking routes.

Lanchester lies on the course of the disused railway line now known as the Lanchester Valley Walk, which provides pleasant walks in the direction of either Consett or Durham. It links at each end with a network of other disused railway tracks suitable for walking, hiking and cycling. The Durham to Consett Railway was originally opened in 1862 and worked shipping coal, goods and people until 1965. The entrance to the track is 250 metres from The Old Post Office. The village station is now a dwelling.

There are various Restaurants and Cafes within a few minutes walking distance: