Making our Regions History Fun - The Green Man

The Green Man

We have just said farewell to our first guests from Belgium, a family of five, It was their first trip to the North East and they visited Hadrian's Wall and Durham Cathedral. To make it more interesting I asked my friend Johnny, a previous friend of the Cathedral, of anything unusual the children could look for on their visit.

Johnny suggested they search for the four 'Green Man' carvings on the wooden areas. These were effectively Catholic Graffiti by the Jacobite craftsmen that made items as part of the upgrades and maintenance in the early 1600's. Clearly they felt that the Protestants were 'Pagans' and responded by introducing these carvings.

I rang Johnny and we gave the children clues to look for. This went down very well and they located 3 out of the 4 with great satisfaction.

Thanks to Johnny we have added another historical milestone to our beautiful region that our European guests can enjoy and remember.

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