Kynren! An epic tale of England; 2000 years of history, myth and legend.

Kynren, now in it's 3rd year, is fast approaching and if you haven't already been, you are missing the most spectacular event in the country!
Kynren is an immersive, 90-minute show, bringing a world- class spectacular on a level paralleling the wonder of the Global Olympic Opening Ceremonies.
Imagine if you could travel through time, seeing the most pivotal moments in history, first hand!
Truely, the most epic tale of England!
Visit KYNREN.COM for more information and to book your tickets.

We have the highest rating Bed & Breakfast in the area!

We are very pleased and proud that we have retained our impressive guest rating of 9.8 with for 2016! TripAdviser reviews also continue to rate us at the same level; we love the fact that our guests have such a good time when they stay with us. The excellent restaurants and bars and the range of shops in our beautiful village also contributes to a wonderful guest experience. And with Durham City, Beamish, Newcastle, Durham Dales, Northumberland and more on our doorstep, what's not to love about a relaxing break here?

A brief history in time

The picture shows The Old Post Office from the outside

The Post Office - Origins

The General Post Office (GPO) was set up in 1660 by Charles II and extended its remit from England & Wales into Great Britain in 1707 and finally to the United Kingdom from 1800 until 1969, which then transferred all the assets to The Post Office.

Taking local produce seriously with a large pinch of fun - The Team

You know running any enterprise involves building a strong team around you and our little Bed and Breakfast is no different.

Pauline and I are the 'front end' of our guests' experience but we have 12 other people around us to make sure that the people staying with us are comfortable, hearty and happy and in an environment which is welcoming, friendly and homely.

The Team

Our team includes experts within property management, cleaning services and food.

Taking local produce seriously with a large pinch of fun - Ian our Fish Merchant

Our Food Team - Introducing Ian our Fish Merchant

Introducing Ian our Fish Merchant

Fish, and particularly oily fish, are a very important part of our diet as they are rich in Omega 3, an essential fatty acid that helps protect our brains and hearts. Omega 3 must be ingested, we cannot produce it ourselves. Both Salmon and Herring are high in Omega 3.